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[en] Gemini E3 Menu Structure

[en] Firmware Revision E3

[en] Fall 2023

[en] The introduction of Gemini firmware version E3 changed some of the menu structure that users may be used to on previous versions. This change was initiated by the goal to condense the Menus down and put them in categories where they are better related to each other.

[en] The E3 firmware also takes a DMX Profile approach over the previous "Modes" approach. For example, there is no more 8bit/16bit menu. Use the DMX Config -> DMX Profiles menu to select the Profile/Bit-depth that is desired for operation.

[en] The top Settings Menu is now structured as follows:

Gemini E3 - Main Menu

[en] Below is a breakdown of these top-level Menus

[en] Manual Modes
  • [en] CCT

  • [en] HSI

  • [en] RGBW

  • [en] Gel Mode

  • [en] XY

  • [en] CCT & HSI

  • [en] CCT & RGBW

  • [en] HSIC

  • [en] Effects Mode

  • [en] Lead/Follow Select (Enable/Disable)

[en] Comms Select
  • [en] AutoDetect

  • [en] Wired DMX/RDM In

  • [en] LR CRMX (Lumenradio)

  • [en] LR Bluetooth (Lumenradio BT)

  • [en] LP Bluetooth (Litepanels BT)

[en] DMX Config
  • [en] DMX Profiles

  • [en] DMX Address

  • [en] DMX Mode CNTRL

  • [en] DMX Hold Option

[en] Wireless Config
  • [en] Lumenradio

  • [en] Radio On/Off

  • [en] BLE On/Off

  • [en] Link/Unlink CRMX

  • [en] CRMX Monitor

[en] App Mode
  • [en] Apollo Mode

[en] Fixture Config
  • [en] Display Config

  • [en] Fan Config

  • [en] CCT Color Config

  • [en] HSI Color Config

  • [en] CCT High Output (2x1S only)

[en] Load/Store CONF(iguration)
  • [en] Store Configs

  • [en] Load Configs

  • [en] Store Presets

  • [en] Load Presets

[en] FW Update (from USB)
[en] System
  • [en] System Info

  • [en] System Monitor

  • [en] System Utilities

  • [en] System Test

  • [en] EFX Calibrate

  • [en] Manuf(acturer) Tests

  • [en] Configs View

  • [en] Battery Monitor

[en] Reset (factory defaults)