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Gemini Mode Control

You can change the color mode of a Gemini fixture through dmx control

Mode control allows for the color mode of the Gemini fixture to be changed by a dmx parameter.

DMX Controllable Modes

  • CCT – Correlated Color Temperature mode (Degrees Kelvin)

  • HSI - HUE/SAT mode

  • GEL Selection - Select from a number of GEL types from Lee & Rosco (see DMX Chart)

  • RGBW - Direct control of the R,G,B,W,W LEDs

  • Effects Mode - Direct control of the built-in preset effects

  • Preset Trigger - This mode triggers the Preset buttons on the back of the Gemini fixture

  • xy - Dial in color by using the xy coordinate system of the CIE 1931 ColorSpace

As of the "E1" firmware release this functionality is slightly modified. There are no more "DMX Versions" (i.e. V1, V2, V3). The Menu system has adopted the DMX-Profile approach with a single list of profiles.

If the profile you've chosen has Mode Control as a dmx parameter, then when enabled, you can change the Color Mode of the fixture from your dmx controller (i.e. lighting console). This essentially changes the Profile the fixture is in and you will need to account for that in the dmx controller being used.


If you're in a 16bit profile, changing modes will change to a 16bit version of that mode. Same for 8bit. If you're using an 8b CCT profile, changing mode to HSI will change to the 8b HSI profile.