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Gemini and Bluetooth

There are two Bluetooth options for Gemini fixtures through optional dongles. Litepanels BLE and LumenRadio BLE.

I. Litepanels BLE

The Litepanels Bluetooth Dongle is a battery-free device that is compatible with the Gemini and Lykos family of LED panels to be controlled by the SLD App from the iOS app store.

When the LED panel runs on battery power this dongle is designed to use very little power and has little impact on overall battery performance.

This dongle is only meant for iOS control using the Smartlite Director App from VPS with Gemini fixtures.


This dongle does not work with 3rd party apps that require LumenRadio’s CRMX BLE. Scroll down for information about Lumenradio's TimoTwo dongle.

Connecting the Bluetooth Dongle

  • Insert dongle (power off the fixture before inserting/removing the dongle)

  • Hold button on the dongle for 2-3 seconds and the blue LED indicator will begin to flash quickly

  • The Bluetooth symbol on the LCD display will also flash quickly

  • Open the Smart Director app on iOS and connect to the BLE dongle from within the app.


When paired to a device you will see the Bluetooth Symbol at the top of the LCD display

Once paired the LED indicator (on the dongle) will stay on solid blue, and you will see "Connected" in the iOS Bluetooth menu under "My Devices".

The Litepanels Bluetooth Dongle is not compatible with other BLE apps such as Luminair. Luminair supports CRMX Bluetooth LE devices such as the Litepanels CRMX Dongle (see below).

Troubleshooting the Litepanels Bluetooth Dongle

If you have issues connecting to the BLE Dongle with the SLD app try the following steps:

II.LumenRadio BLE

LumenRadio Bluetooth connectivity is available through the optional Wireless DMX Dongle from the Litepanels website.


The current Wireless DMX Dongle has Lumen's TimoTwo chip and is compatible with any app that supports CRMX BLE. The earlier TimoOne version of the dongle does not have Bluetooth support.


More options will appear after the Radio is Enabled.


After the LumenRadio Bluetooth (BLE) is ENABLED, navigate back to the COMMS SELECT menu and choose LR Bluetooth as your control input.


You can now use any app that is compatible with LumenRadio's Bluetooth LE to control the fixture (such as Luminair).

If BLE is set to ON and someone is streaming BLE Data (i.e. from Luminair on iOS) as well as simultaneously streaming CRMX data (i.e. from a Moonlight) then the BLE data will take precedence.


Compatibility with the starCTRL App from Quasar Science is coming soon.


Compatibility with the starCTRL App from Quasar Science is coming soon.