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Gemini fixtures can be powered off industry standard camera batteries. We recommend the following for proper operation. You can also find all brackets and accessories on the Anton Bauer Online Shop

Anton/Bauer DIONIC 26V Series


Pure Production Power The DIONIC 26V battery system is a edicated solution designed to power the high-performance production equipment needed to meet the demanding cinematography standards of today.

A pure 26V battery with continuous 12A current to deliver over 300W of consistent power means you can run large LED panels for longer, producing hours of full intensity creative lighting or drive power-hungry cine cameras or high-speed cine cameras. When your production demands peak performance, DIONIC 26V batteries ensure that you have the power.

Anton/Bauer DIONIC XT Series


V-Mount or Gold-Mount 14V power for cameras, lights and more.

Dionic XT 14V batteries provide 12 amps of power to light Gemini 1x1 Hard LED panels at 100% intensity. Double your power with the optional Gold or V-Mount Dual Battery Plate for longer runtimes. With the on-board LCD you can know your remaining runtime – down to the minute – so you’ll never be left in the dark.

Gemini 1x1 Hard:  Max Power Draw = 200Watts


Approximate usage with a Dionic XT battery on a 1x1H

@100%    ~ 40min

@75%      ~ 55 min  

@50%      ~ 80 min

Therese are approximates only and will vary based on environmental factors (i.e. ambient temperature).

Battery Performance Guide


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