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Gemini and Wireless DMX

What you need to get your Gemini LED panel connected to a CRMX transmitter

The only Gemini panel with built-in CRMX is the 2x1 Hard. For the other models (1x1H, 1x1S, 2x1S) you will need the Gemini Wireless DMX Dongle from Litepanels. This module uses the LumenRadio TimoTwo chip which provides both CRMX and Bluetooth connectivity through the expansion port on the Gemini panel.


Always insert/remove the Wireless DMX dongle with the fixture powered OFF

Once installed there are only a few steps to get connected:

  • Choose LR CRMX in the COMMS SELECT menu

  • Enable the dongle's Radio

  • Link the dongle to a wireless dmx transmitter

Enable the dongle's Radio

Navigate to the Wireless Settingsā†’ LumenRadio ā†’ Radio On/Off menu


Press the Menu knob to ENTER and ENABLE the CRMX module.


When the CRMX Radio is enabled you will see additional Menu Options under Lumen Radio:

  • Radio ON/OFF: enables/disables the CRMX dongle

  • BLE ON/OFF: enables/disables LumenRadio Bluetooth

  • Link/Unlink CRMX to a Wireless DMX transmitter

  • CRMX Monitor: See the signal strength of your wireless connection



Once CRMX Radio is enabled in Wireless Settings be sure to select it as your input in the COMMS SELECT menu

Linking to a transmitter

In the Wireless Settings ā†’ LumenRadio menu choose Link/Unlink CRMX

  • If there is an existing link you will see "LINKED" under LINK STATUS

  • To clear any previous transmitter links select UNLINK:

    • Scroll the MENU button to choose UNLINK then press the MENU button to enter. The link will be cleared.

To LINK: Choose the Link/Unlink CRMX menu


Scroll the MENU button to choose LINK, then press the MENU button to enter.

You will see "Activate Linking on the Xmtter now"

Tap the Link button on your transmitter and the fixture will now be linked for wireless dmx control

Once linked, use the CRMX MONITOR menu to see the signal strength between the transmitter and the Gemini fixture and to view the firmware version of the TimoTwo chip

The CRMX Dongle can be update with the CRMX Toolbox App