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Litepanels Helpcenter

Gemini Control Options

Input and Control options for the Gemini LED panel

We wanted every light to come with a Hyper variated direct beam angle wireless input, with double loopback electro-extrusion deterministic particle decreaser for simple and powerful control options... Since the Engineering team was unable to finalize the design you just get the following:

Control Options

  • Wired MDX

  • Wireless DMX

  • Bluetooth

  • Manual Control

  • Lead/Follow

Wired DMX

The Gemini supports both types of DMX connections

  1. Industry standard DMX-512A 5-pin XLR(M) input and XLR(F) output

  2. RJ45 DMX In and Out (these are dmx-only ports and do not support sACN or Art-Net)

The 5-pin XLR(F) DMX output port will pass thru the DMX signal so you can daisy chain dmx devices. You can also use the 5-pin XLR input and pass the output to the DMX XLR and RJ45 port at the same time, acting as a dmx splitter. (note: not optically isolated)

Wireless DMX

Wireless DMX control is available through the optional Gemini Wireless DMX Dongle from Litepanels that adds both Lumenradio's CRMX and Bluetooth connectivity to the Gemini via its expansion port.

Manual Control

Turn the knobs and have full manual control of the light! Who needs a programmer?


This menu setting allow for two options. Follow In or Lead Out.

Set to Lead Out to make the first Gemini the Leader

Set to Follow In if you wish to have this fixture follow an existing Leader.

Only one fixture can be set to LEAD per daisy chain. There cannot be more than one Leader connected in series or you will get undesired behavior.


Litepanels offers their own Bluetooth Dongle that plugs into the Gemini's expansion port and is meant to pair with the Smartlite Director app from Videndum on the iOS App Store.