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Gemini Hardware Accessories

Overview of optional hardware accessories from Litepanels

Gemini panels come with standard yokes with either Jr or Baby pin mounting and a PowerCon power cable. In addition to what comes with the standard fixture there is a wide array of optional accessories to customize your needs.

Mounting Points

The threading points on the back of the Gemini frame are not for rigging but for assembling the Gemini LED panels into an array.

Battery Mounts

Gemini LED panels can be powered from batteries for over an hour and up to full intensity. We recommend the Anton/Bauer DIONIC XT or 26V Series batteries, but our fixtures can also be powered with other 13-28V DC V-Mount or Gold-Mount batteries.


he Gemini fixture allows for a wide range of optional accessories such as snapbags, diffusers, barndoors and more that can be mounted to the fixture

Full list of available accessories for the Gemini series