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Litepanels Helpcenter

Gemini Firmware Update

How to update the firmware on your Gemini LED panel

Check Firmware Version

To check your current Firmware version navigate to →SYSTEM→SYSTEM INFO

FWARE: version# is displayed at the top

Latest Firmware

Grab the latest firmware from Litepanels Firmware Updates

Update the Firmware

  • Unzip the downloaded file onto a usb drive that is formatted FAT32

  • Insert usb drive into your Gemini

  • Navigate to the Settings→FW Update and press the Menu knob to enter

  • Follow the prompts to select your firmware file

  • The light will flash the power LED indicator light red/green while the update is in progress then reboot


Do not rename the .hex firmware file


If you have different models of Gemini fixtures you can put the firmware files for each on the same usb drive. The fixture will only look for the file name that pertains to itself.


Having trouble updating the firmware? Try the Button Shortcut if you're having issues updating from the Menu.