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Gemini Firmware E4

Released December 2023

Download Gemini E4 Firmware HERE

New to Firmware E4:·      

  • New Profiles (P21 & P22) - RGBTD 8bit and 16bit for direct control of the RGBWW LED array

  • Added options for "Bare Lens" and "Ultralight + Dome" in the Fixture Config -> Diffusion Selection menu

  • Reintroduced dim curves under the Fixture Configs menu with added selections for Logarithmic and S-curve

  • New Bluetooth icon display behavior for TimoTwo BLE when connected

  • Lead/Follow mode can now support the HSIC profiles (P19 and P20) that were introduced in Firmware E3 (Fall 2023)

  • The CCT range in all Gemini P-profiles is now 2700K - 10000K (affects Profiles P4 and P9) along with EFX such as Paparazzi CCT. (See the Gemini E4 DMX charts for details)

Changes in Firmware E4

  • Adjustment to the Lighting Bolt icon in the Status Bar so that it only shows during Active Faults

  • Removed the menu item "App Mode" from main menu selections since all functions for connecting via an App are under the Wireless Config menu section (i.e. Bluetooth and TimoTwo)

  • Profile 40 HSIC+EFX now defaults to SAT=0 instead of 100% when you Factory Reset the fixture

  • Replaced "Restore" text with "Load" text when loading saved User Presets or Fixture Configurations from a usb thumbdrive


For the complete PDF of the E4 Release Notes you can DOWNLOAD HERE